Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wildt Family

I won't say much to begin because I have so many thoughts about each of these precious we go!

I want to start with this photo and explain why I love's not perfect! I love the chaos/love felt in this photo. Tiny baby feet resting between Mama's and little Elli squirming on Daddy. Shawn's are slightly out of focus because they stick out further than the others. It's family :)

Now, there is a shot of them all looking perfectly at the camera, but I just find the expressions in this picture so sweet and I love how Jaylynn was at the ready!

Jaylynn was excited to show me her bike and I just couldn't resist a few shot of her riding in the glowing setting sun.

And now a little focus on new baby Braelynn...

I can't help it, there's just something so lovely about golden, setting sun washing over a photo.
Little Elli was occupied and happy with her marshmallows. Let's just say I left with sticky fingers :) I couldn't resist this shot of those sweet legs.

Three pretty little girls!

Just a random sweet moment I happened catch. Jaylynn is so affectionate with her family.

Oh my goodness happy child!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Braxtan and Keela

Braxtan and Keela are soon to be married! They are such a fun couple and kept coming up with crazy ideas for photos :)

Sweet little Amy joined us at the beginning for a few shots. What started out as a gorgeous sunny day became cold and cloudy when we started photos. Amy braved the cold and provided plenty of entertainment for all of us!

I think it looks like she could run right off the page here! Isn't she cute!

I love the sunny wash of this photo

They really do have so much fun together

My fav!

While I was dealing with my crazy foot cramps and taking off shoes....I turn around and this is what I see :) Yeah, they're that cute

And then Braxtan found this tape....told ya they're fun!
Congrats Braxtan and Keela!