Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little commercial...

These little gems...well they make me happy. It's like a party in your mouth! If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting them before, then I'd like to introduce you to YUMS! They're huge and moist and fresh and oh so tasty! You can choose from fudge, german chocolate, butter pecan, red velvet, carrot and the typical chocolate or white cake with butter-cream frosting. Amazing I tell you! And they're pretty too.

You pick out what you want and put it in this cute little box...

Now, if you can't stand to wait till you get to your car, you can stop by the little coffee shop and dig in there :)

There it is....glorious cupcake perfection

A fork can be helpful but it's not necessary

And after a short time, you'll have this left...

So you want one? Wanna know where to go? There's just one place I know of to get it...Brookshires on Rice Road. Made fresh daily. Sorry for you non-Tyler folk.

And please forgive me, but once again I'm technologically challenged and can't figure out how to make the underlining linky thing stop. Advice welcomed.