Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Birthday

Ryder just turned ONE! He is such an animal guy so when we came upon ducks he was waving at them and going right to them. No fear at all. He kept wanting to play with the ducks and would get so frustrated that he couldn't go right in the water with them. The crazy ducks just followed us around and frustrated the poor kid even more that he couldn't follow.  I really wish I had grabbed the shot of Tracy (mom) chasing the ducks clapping and screaming to get them to go away.  Such a sweet family and a  super cute little 1 year old :) And yes I do realize this is all underlined but for whatever reason I can't make it stop. Go figure. You're here for pictures anyway!

Everyone deserves a meltdown every now and then.  It was hot and the ducks were gone and well.....even though he's crying it's just so dadgum cute that I couldn't resist posting it.

Friday, June 5, 2009


This is such a fun group of ladies that has formed to make a joyful noise and bring praise and glory to God. They lead worship for various events and needed a few shots together.  Meet Stacey, Jane, Belinda and Nichol...