Monday, December 15, 2008

Dyer Baby Girls

These sweet little cousins are just a few months apart.  Here's a few of my favorites.

It's obvious that these baby girls adore their "G."

Couldn't resist and quick shot of these cute little boots!

Even nap time makes for great photos :)

And a little playtime with Mommy.

Dyer Family

We battled cold and windy weather and nap times, but this kind family had a sweet spirit and lots of patience. Thanks Dyers!

Monday, December 8, 2008

It would only let me add 5 photos's more!

I guess the penguins and fish weren't entertaining enough here. :)
Isn't that cute! She was so interested in all the snakes and reptiles. It was hard to get a decent picture in that dark snake house, but I love the way this one turned out!
"Look what I can do!" Of course, brother had to follow. But I do love her pose.
Is this scary or what?! Thank goodness for the glass. The white tigers were amazing, but I don't think E and E realized how awesome it was to get to see this incredible animal.
And finally, if you see the post below, you'll understand why I love this "disovery" photo.

Birthday fun at the ZOO

E & E had a big Birthday in October and we made a little trip to the zoo to celebrate.  It was a fun day and we had gorgeous weather! They definitely kept me on my toes :) It's hard to choose which photos to post. My favorite thing was to see them discovering'll see what I mean.

I always loved standing in the elephant print when I was little. So cute they are both in it!

I picked up these awesome YUMS! cupcakes from Brookshires. They are wonderful and SO BIG!

The otters were so active on land and in water. E and E would follow them back and fun.

SEE! Discovery :D Love it!

And this is how flamingos stand while the sleep. Ha Ha, oh man I wish I could have grabbed a better shot of this.

Saturday, November 22, 2008